My name is Monica and I'm a Melbourne-based food lover, maker and eater. I'm a pretty busy gal with my fingers in many pies, currently juggling being a primary school teacher, group fitness instructor, nutritionist, home cook, cake maker and puppy mother (enquire within for cute dog pics). 

If I had a dollar for every time a family member, friend, colleague or student said to me 'you should SO apply for MasterChef', I'd have much more money than I do now. However, after a seriously big nudge from a friend, I decided to actually apply for the show. A very long written application, a 'what the hell am I doing' moment and a few auditions later, I somehow landed myself in the top 24 for Masterchef Australia 2019. You may remember me as the contestant who wore the colourful outfits and made that controversial panna cotta in a glass.

I like to think that my style of cooking is very simple and unpretentious. While I am quite contemporary in some ways, I really am an old fashioned cook at heart. I will make things by hand rather than using fancy equipment at any chance I get, my favourite cookbooks will always be those retro Women's Weekly ones (I know you know the ones I'm talking about) and when friends come over, dessert will be an apple pie or bread and butter pudding rather than something 'deconstructed'. So please don't get turned off looking at my recipes if you're not much of a cook, because here you will only ever find recipes that use common household ingredients and equipment, and are absolutely foolproof to make.

Happy cooking, my new friend.

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